We’ll create for you all the data necessary to set up your own OFML catalogue that can be easily implemented, adjusted and processed by interior designers in p.Con tools. By using this data you’ll expand your market reach and open your business to new opportunities.

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The OFML (Office Furniture Modelling Language)
data standard is commonly used in the
development of pCon products. It gives the
possibility of creating, automated distribution and
processing the product within the whole process
of implementing a product in pCon. It is commonly
used for home furniture but it proves itself
effective in industries such as – healthcare,
production and warehousing and others.


The pCon.planner is a software
used by interior designers.
It allows designing spaces
in a photorealistic quality
for providing the upper-end
types of visualisations.

Main features of pCon allow you to:

  • design interiors in 3D
  • use millions of 3D models available in pCon.catalog and the 3D gallery
  • use different CAD data formats (dwg, dwt, dxf, sat, sab, 3ds, skp)
  • create photorealistic renderings (also videos)

Other benefits of pCon.planner include:

  • reducing the amount of time needed for execution of visualisation
  • better workflow
  • using one software for all stages from planning to presenting the final product to the customer
  • transfer of data to and from other CAD programs
  • an impressive array of tools
  • intuitive interface for better user experience


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